Viewed from almost any perspective, the world today suffers from a moral and ethical crisis of epidemic proportions. Beneath society’s rampant crime and drug abuse, corporate greed, political misconduct and international conflict lie the root problems of dishonesty, immorality and not enough guitar.

Entirely nonreligious, Guitar Cult performances and recordings are both unique and powerful, whether in the hands of individuals or nations. Distributed in communities afflicted by boredom, auto-tune and violence, it has brought calm. Passed out in areas ravaged by simple timbres and excessive 4/4, it has brought peace. Used in thousands of venues (ok, two), its message has restored self-respect among the most hardened audience members, guiding them onto the path to becoming useful and contributing members of society.

Immensely popular since its first performance in 2017, many copies have since been distributed in 12 countries and territories, providing a moral compass for all to live by.

Shared by one friend or associate to another, Guitar Cult performances and recordings fill a moral void in this increasingly immoral society.

The Guitar Cult and its members are pleased to share the tools for happier living with all who share the goal of a better world.