Cult Members

The Guitar Cult, 2022.
(l to r: Don Craig, John Featherstone, Matt Fordham, Ben McAllister,
Dennis Rea, Jordan Zlotoff, Neil Wilson)

Donald Craig (guitar) is a composer and guitarist who is interested in microtonality, especially various equal divisions of the octave. He is also a software developer, currently working on a set of audio plugins and applications for interactive performance.

Johnny “Sugar” Featherstone, Seattle area native, has been known to rock the bottom end as a songwriter and prog/groove/metal/whatever bass guitarist in various Seattle-area bands since the mid-1990s. Since joining Guitar Cult he’s spent several years opting to wrangle two more strings and move an octave higher. When not raining down musical notes, he’s a civil engineer deep into everything about rainwater – sometimes known as the “Storm Boss” – in Shoreline, WA.

Matthew Fordham is a Seattle-based producer and multi-instrumentalist blending a variety of acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments (piano, guitar, pedal steel, Rhodes, drums) with synthesizers, field recordings, and samples into immersive, textural, and rhythmic musical journeys.

A composer and guitarist based in Seattle, Ben McAllister’s played with a string of boundary-pushing groups including Medicine Hat, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Wizard Prison, C’mon C’mon and Tuktu. Founder and composer of the Guitar Cult. Scores and parts for some of his pieces are available from Stropes Editions.

Dennis Rea‘s adventurous guitar playing blends jazz, rock, experimental, and world music into a vocabulary all his own. Active since the mid-1970s, Rea has led or been a key contributor to musical innovators Moraine, Iron Kim Style, LAND, Savant, Flame Tree, and Earthstar, and has worked with such trailblazing musicians as Hector Zazou, Stuart Dempster, Cui Jian, Albert Kuvezin, Klaus Schulze, Steve Fisk, Han Bennink, Hawkwind members Nik Turner and Michael Moorcock, and members of King Crimson, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Santana, Ministry, Yat Kha, and the Sun Ra Arkestra.

Jordan Zlotoff, hailing from Grantham, Pennsyltucky, is formerly of such bands as Coney Island Bitch, Sand Under Pressure, Cavebear, and Berserks. When not engaging in the dark arts of guitar cultery, he can occasionally be found practicing landscape architecture throughout the pacific northwest region.

Drummer Neil Wilson drums.